After The Storm


Feb 07 2015

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Category: South Africa, Sunset

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Focal Length:300mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D5100

This is the Matla Power Station, a familiar sight to me growing up in the small town of Kriel. I took this photo on the farm where my sister stays, in the coal belt of South Africa. It was taken after a late afternoon storm, with the sun giving us its last few rays before settling in for the night.

From Wikipedia: “Construction started in 1974, and the last unit was commissioned in July 1983. In 1982 the southern most smokestack measuring 276 metres (906 ft) in height was demolished after it partially collapsed during construction, killing 4 workers. It held the world record for the tallest free standing structure to be explosively demolished for 24 years until the 2006 demolition of the 300 metres (980 ft) Westerholt Power Station chimney.

The actual explosion was also used in a gag in Jamie Uys’ Funny People 2, where an electrician is instructed to do some wiring, and is warned that improper connection will cause the stack to explode.”

One comment on “After The Storm”

  1. Who knew that a factory could look so beautiful! The colours in this shot are so soft and golden – wonderful.

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