Jul 21 2013


Category: Pets


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D5100

This is Koda, the cutest and smartest Autralian Kelpie ever. We adopted Koda about 4 years ago and as I am writing this he is sleeping very contently next to me on his blanket.

5 comments on “Koda”

  1. Lovely shot! I love Kelpies. They’re so smart and affectionate 🙂

  2. Beautiful close up portrait of Koda. I didn’t know they can also be black. I’d always thought they were various shades of brown.


    • Koda went for a swim today (he just loves water!) and as he sat in the sunshine drying off I noticed a very deep burgundy brownish colour shine through, so I think he is just a really really dark brown. Very unusual though. It may also be that he has some other blood in him. He was adopted from one of the animal shelters in the area so we don’t know 100% what he is. 🙂

      • Brown, dark brown, or black- no matter he is a good dog and I commend you for having adopted him from a shelter. I am sure he is a grateful dog for love and kindness. I don’t know it it was a kill shelter or not but if so you did it wonderful deed by giving him a loving home.


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