Jun 24 2013

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Category: Embrace The Blur, people


Focal Length:130mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D5100

This is the first picture in a new category on my blog called “Embrace The Blur” – a concept that is largely ignored but one that can produce very interesting and artistic results. There are two ways one can achieve this:

1) You can get this effect by carefully adjusting your camera’s shutter speed, f-stop and ISO settings to the precise values that will, given the available light and velocity of the subject, produce an artistically blurred image

or 2) You can try to take a focused image with the camera on the complete wrong settings, then notice that it actually came out rather nice and tell everyone it was planned that way.

Either way it will make for an unusual (and hopefully good) picture.

I took this picture in Sydney last year some time when I was there for work.

2 comments on “Taxi!!”

  1. The method I use. Camera on Auto, Aim, Click And-Hope-For-The-Best. This is the option #2, I think 🙂

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