Abstract Rain


Mar 04 2013


Category: Abstract

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We’ve had a lot of rain lately, and getting a lot of rain is not really conducive to walking around at lunch time taking pictures. I therefore took the ferry and hoped I would be able to get a picture of something. Well, this is that something. As I looked out of the window I saw how the torrent of water made the most interesting and beautiful patterns as it flowed down the window. I wonder what the people thought that day as they looked out the window? Were they thinking, a little annoyed maybe, how the rain prevented them from seeing? Or did they look at the window and see something beautiful, something new and interesting that is never visible on a sunny day. So, as Bernice Abbott would say, I took a picture “…to help people to see”.

One comment on “Abstract Rain”

  1. Excellent. I like these natural abstracts

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