Hercules Morse

Where do you go for the best coffee in Melbourne? Hercules Morse, of course!

Hercules Morse is a stunning little kitchen & bar in Clarendon Street, Melbourne. Not only do they serve the best coffee in town, but their food is amazing, as is their interesting cocktails. Well worth a visit!
So where did the name come from? Kelly explains;
It is basically the nickname that was given to one of our dogs (Axel) a long time ago, when a little kid and his nanny were walking through the dog park. They started pointing out different dogs and naming them. They pointed to a Dalmatian and said “ooh look, there’s Bottomley Potts, all covered in spots”. Another dog, “ooh look, there’s Muffin McLay, like a bundle of hay”. They then pointed at Axel and said “ooh look, there’s Hercules Morse, as big as a horse”. (We later discovered that all of the rhymes are from a book “Hairy McLary from Donaldson’s Dairy”)
The name stuck and we decided that we’d use it for our bar, as a bit of a tribute to our big boy. It’s probably a better choice than calling it the nickname we gave to our other dog (Milla) – “Mootchy McTwat, she thinks she’s a cat”.

2 comments on “Hercules Morse”

  1. What a wonderful, delightful story, Reinhardt. I love it. 🙂 And I also love the color orange, one of my favorite colors in the world. I bet with that name and that color I'd love their coffee, too! 🙂

  2. Thanks Ginnie, the lady who started the business with her husband used to work for the company I work for and she told us the story. They were great in designing the decor as well, including the orange coffee cups. 🙂

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