You may have noticed a few pictures that I posted lately that were taken from the Eureka Tower in Melbourne. Here are two pictures of the tower itself, and a few interesting facts below that I got from Wikipedia.
Interestingly enough, the windows on the top ten floors are plated with 24 carat gold, as can be seen in my picture that I posted here.
556 apartments
13 lifts travelling up to 9m/sec
52,000 sq m of windows
3680 stairs
110,000 tonnes of concrete
5000 tonnes of reinforced steel
Building weighs 200,000 tonnes
The Summit Levels (floors 82 to 87) contain only one apartment per floor: each apartment had an original price tag of A$7 million just for the empty space; purchasers were required to fit out the apartment at additional cost.
The highest floors of the tower house an observation deck (level 88), restaurant (level 89), communications room and balcony (90) and water tanks (90 and 91). A system of pumps constantly moves water between the two 300,000  Litre tanks to counteract wind-induced oscillations.

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