Floral Beauty


Oct 13 2012

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Category: Flowers, macro


If you have been following my blog you would know by now that I find it very difficult to walk past a beautiful flower without taking a picture of it. Here are some that I took the other day on my lunch break in Brisbane. I just love the variety in shapes, colour and size. It’s also interesting how one of these are categorised as a weed, but if you look closely one notices that it’s beauty is on par with all the others. 

6 comments on “Floral Beauty”

  1. superbe cette serie de fleurs

  2. Je vous remercie, je vous remercie de votre commentaire 🙂

  3. Pragtig. Die derde een Azalea? Wat is die ander?

  4. Jong Olga, ek hou baie van blomme maar weet ongelukkig baie min van hulle! 🙂

  5. lovely plumbago…golden trumpet…azalea…lantana..I don't know the identity of the last one

  6. Thanks Seema. Now I know who to ask when I post the next flowers! 🙂 The last one is just one of the weeds growing in the flower bed, but if you look at the flower it makes you wonder why it is classed as a weed.

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