Noisy Noisy Miners


Oct 02 2012


Category: birds


These two little Noisy Miners lived up to their name today. I spotted the siblings while I walked along the park alongside Petrie Terrace, a short walk from the Roma Street Station. The one chick appeared to be a bit older than the other one, but both were very eager for mum and dad to return. Finally the food arrived, greeted by eager chirping and beaks wide open, after which mum and dad flew off and they waited patiently once again.

4 comments on “Noisy Noisy Miners”

  1. Ja, beslis. Hierdie raserige klein, astrante voeltjies, uit Indie, soos die naam Indian Mynahs aandui, neem die wereld oor.Mooi fotos, Seun.

  2. Dankie, het gedink dis "miners", maar blykbaar hou hulle nie daarvan om ondergronds te wees nie, so ons hou maar by Mynahs. 🙂

  3. 🙂 Nie net ondergronds nie. Hulle het hul naam na Mynahs verander want die konnotasie met die gedagte van 'onderMYNERS' was te groot.

  4. Ondermyners is hulle beslis! 🙂

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