Reader Appreciation

I recently read Olga’s blog and saw my name at the bottom! Yay! Her post was titled Reader Appreciation Awards and I was one of her nominations. The idea is that you mention the person that nominated you, tell seven things about yourself that people probably don’t know, add a picture or two (fitting since this is actually a photography blog) and then you nominate 5 other people. So first of all, thank you Olga. Olga’s blog is one that I visit regularly and enjoy very much. If you can read Afrikaans do yourself a favour and pop in there. If you can’t, learn Afrikaans and then do yourself a favour and pop in there. You can try Google Translate, but good as it is, it’s not the best tool to translate these sort of texts, especially for the lesser-known languages like Afrikaans. 
Anyway, I digress. Here you go… 
Did you know:
  • I was born in Zimbabwe during the Rhodesian Bush War, a civil war in which my father was enlisted.
  • My favourite poem is “The road not taken”, by Robert Frost. Like most high school boys I was not fond of poetry, but had a brilliant English teacher who introduced me to this particular poem, amongst others.
  • At the age of 16 I was accepted into the prestigious Randolph Macon Academy, a military school in Virginia where you can start your pilot training as part of your school curriculum. This was one of those roads not taken and I often still wonder how my life would have turned out had I gone. Like my grandfather who, as a young boy, was offered a job as a cowboy somewhere in the US. I guess if he had gone I would not be here today and you would not be reading this blog. But I’m starting to become too philosophical for my own liking, so let’s move on.
  • I’m allergic to bee stings and caviar.
  • I love condensed milk and can easily finish a can in a single session.
  • I have weird music taste, ranging from opera to metal, from Afrikaans folk to eighties, alternative to rock to classical. It all depends on the mood. Some days I might be listening to Prodigy, other days to Maria Callas. Weird, I know. At the moment it’s Sarah Brightman.
  • I was once almost trampled by a heard of charging rhinos (another road that, if taken, would have ensured that this blog never came into existance)
Two Alouette choppers being refuelled in a field. The picture was taken by my dad while in the Rhodesian army.
Another Alouette III chopper being inspected by the pilot and technician. They used a country school’s sports grounds as a base.
My dad who I love dearly and have great respect for, pictured here on the far left
Yours truly, age six
My turn to nominate: 

4 comments on “Reader Appreciation”

  1. thanks for your participation. Keep them pics coming. I love it.

  2. Jy het nou regtig interessanthede met ons gedeel en die gepaardgaande foto's is nostalgies. Die wereld is vandag 'n ander plek…Ek is al voorheen gevra en ek maak nog werk daarvan. Dankie vir die nominasie.

  3. Dankie Olga, waardeer jou inloer 🙂

  4. Dankie Boer, het jou bydrae op joublog net so geniet, dis altyd lekker om iets van die man agter die blog te leer.

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