Beauty in the Mundane

Another “Guest Photographer” picture taken by my dad, Charl Möller. I never got his permission to post this one on my blog, but I’m sure he won’t mind. 🙂 This is a prime example of two things that my dad taught me from an early age:
  • If you care to look and observe the finer details around you, you will see beauty all around, sometimes in the most unexpected places.
  • Most people rush through life and in doing so, miss out on so much. Slow down, look around you and observe what is offered free to everyone.
This was confirmed today when I read a blog post by Cunningstuff, appropriately titled “Do not miss life“, where he talks about the same topic.
But before I get too philosophical, let me rather just get on with posting a great photo.


3 comments on “Beauty in the Mundane”

  1. Baie waar woorde en 'n pragtige foto!

  2. Ek dink ook nogal so, my pa het 'n manier om die mooi raak te sien en vas te vang met 'n kamera.

  3. Like father, like son!!

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