A Water Bottle Study

For one person it’s a “Study of a water bottle”, for another it’s simply a slow photography day. For me was a little of both, but maybe more just a photo that showed some interesting shapes, colours and light effects. I was in Sydney once again, this time staying in the Sydney Olympic Park. The night before my training was to start I went for a stroll.
After about an hour with no decent pictures I decided to return to the hotel room, cutting through a car park that was deserted at this late hour. It was there that I spotted this bottle.
I had my camera attached to a lamp pole with the claws of my gorilla tripod, 300mm lens fully extended and crouched in a twisted position when two security guards passed. Their faces had expressions that spoke of surprise, concern and utter confusion. I tried to explain why someone would be in a deserted parking lot late at night in the cold, taking photos of a discarded water bottle.
I don’t think they got it, but they eventually left after convincing themselves that, even though I was very weird and probably mentally disturbed, I appeared relatively harmless.

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