The Amazing SWFC

In January 2009 I had the opportunity to visit Shanghai, arguably one of the most impressive cities in the world. It balances ancient traditions and historic buildings with some of the world’s most modern and spectacular architecture. The building featured here (on the left in the first picture) is the Shanghai World Financial Centre, a huge 101 storey building in the Pudong financial district of Shanghai.
This is the view from the side where you can see the distinctive taper towards the top.
Looking down towards the equally impressive Jin Mao Tower, boasting 98 floors (including the spire floors). The Jin Mao Tower has a reported daily maintenance cost of US$121 000! (source: Shanghai Star)
I took this picture standing next to the tower, and feeling somewhat small…

4 comments on “The Amazing SWFC”

  1. Sjoe!! Impressive!!!

  2. Dit is so Yulanda, ek was verstom om te sien wat die daardie mense al alles gedoen het!

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