The Secret


Apr 24 2012


Category: people


Have you heard the birds at dawn,
in their happy chatter song?
And have you thought and wondered why?
They’ve just heard of you and I!
For nature holds a secret tight,
lost only to the birds at night.
Somehow, sometime, in the shadows dark,
the secret of you and I, is passed to the lark,
and just before the sun does rise,
a sparrow hears, oh, what a joyful surprise!
It’s a good thing, some may say,
we cannot understand them in their way,
for if we heard them in their song,
the secret won’t be kept so long.
I will tell you how I know,
but promise not to tell a soul,
for a robin singing in a tree
passed the secret on to me.
The robin, being young at heart,
not skilful in this delicate art,
told of all that he had heard,
and asked me not to spread the word.
The message heard was clear and sound,
and in it deep our names abound.
The message, he said, spoke of love,
thereafter he passed it to the dove.
So next time you wake up with their song,
listen careful, listen long.
Sometime somewhere you will hear,
our names are sung, loud and clear.

4 comments on “The Secret”

  1. Did you write that? It’s absolutely beautiful! Hey, I really like it!

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