Visiting the Dandenongs

Early one March morning in 2008 I took my son on a day trip to the Dandenong Mountains just east of Melbourne, Victoria. It was a crisp, cool morning, with clear skies and clean air. We left the house just as the sun started to rise and explored a very beautiful part of Victoria.

We travelled east along Burwood Highway, turned right onto the C412 then right again on the winding Selby-Aura Road. Old Menzies-Creek Rd then took us all the way to the Cardinia Reservoir where we stopped a while at Henley Park.
Overlooking Cardinia Reservoir from Aura Vale Rd with Henley Park opposite
Early morning sun-shower somewhere along Old Menzies-Creek Rd
Solitary fisherman at Cardinia Reservoir – Henley Park
Kayaker on Cardinia Reservoir

3 comments on “Visiting the Dandenongs”

  1. Great 'mood' shots. You show a remarkable awareness of the 'unnoticed' world around you.Al hierdie fotos wys 'n diepe begrip en bewustheid van wat om jou gebeur. 'Doet zo voort, Seun"

  2. Dankie, waardeer dit! 🙂

  3. Excellent! I love what Charl said too!!!

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