Explain yourself…

“Well, you see officer, it’s like this…”

I snapped this picture while walking in the Melbourne CBD. Don’t you just love the contrast in this picture – a punk rocker with his cello?

4 comments on “Explain yourself…”

  1. This one is high on my list of exceptional candid shots. Uitstekende foto.

  2. Dankie, regte tyd en regte plek, en gelukkig my kamera daar gehad. Dit was geneem toe ons op pad was om die vuurwerke te gaan kyk pas na ons in Aus aangekom het.

  3. Oh wow, good capture! I didn't know you were a photographer! Yay!

  4. Thanks Sue, I would like to think of myself as a photographer, but I think it's more a case of snapping about a thousand pictures and being able to pick a few that came out good. 🙂

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